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First Time Visitors

Our friendly staff is looking forward to assisting you with your personal wellness. Is this your first massage therapy experience? If so, great!
You may find What to Expect During Your First Massage a valuable read. :)

Our Therapists Work As A Team

When a friend refers you to a specific therapist, we are happy to book an appointment with you for that therapist. If the therapist you prefer is not available, there are other therapists available to assist you in the meantime. All our therapists work together as a team and we want you to know that we are comfortable with you booking your follow up appointment with the therapist recommended by your friend.

Unless you choose do do so, please do not feel that you must remain with only one therapist or with the first therapist you meet. It takes time to develop a therapeutic relationship with the right therapist or therapists. We encourage you to develop a relationship with Hands On Health as a whole; that way we can better assist you on your follow-up visits.

Feel free to ask us about each therapist’s skill level. When calling for a therapeutic massage for well being, know that all our therapists are well qualified to provide this type of session for you. When it comes to specialties in the field of massage therapy, please ask for assistance and we’ll book you with the appropriate therapist. Read the Specialties tab on the Services page for more information and take a peek at the Our Therapists page.