Overview and Purpose

To help each participant feel comfortable doing bodywork sessions with their partner by providing personally guided instruction catered to their partner’s needs.

Each partner will get approximately 40 minutes time being the receiver then giver after a brief introduction with a 5-minute break in-between.

One of the finest gifts is the gift of touch and everybody needs it!

One of the most important things to remember when giving/receiving a massage is that it is unconditional. One should give touch without expecting it in return. One should also be comfortable enough to ask for touch when it is needed. If you don’t feel you can give touch, then be fair to your partner and gift them a gift certificate from time to time to a spa or health center.

Communication between partners is the name of the game

Now, we all know that massage feels good, and sometimes that’s enough. Here are some other benefits you may not be aware of:

  • Relaxes the Nervous System
  • Relaxes painful and tense muscles
  • Improves joint mobility and health
  • Eases secondary pain – areas that become painful in result of original source of discomfort
  • Increases vitality, energy, and alertness

Here are some key factors when preparing for a massage:

  • Be Present. Be there for your partner mentally and physically, if your mind is somewhere else, then so are your hands and your partner will not experience a healthy touch. Focus – your partner is the only thing that exists.
  • Be Comfortable. Take time to position yourself and your partner so that you are both comfortable. Neither of you should experience pain. Use pillows, extra chairs, towels, and bolsters to achieve comfort.
  • Quality Touch. Intention is the key. Use unconditional positive regard (accept this person for who they are and not be judgmental,) Breathe, present good energy and balance
  • Skillful touch. This is tricky because you probably haven’t been to massage school. Cut yourself some slack. If you are present and give your full attention to your partner, you will come across as a pro. It is helpful though to ask your partner where there may be sources of pain ahead of time so as to be careful.

There is a lot of information shared here and we certainly do not expect you to remember everything after one session. We hope to have provided you with information that will help you help yourself. This sheet is just something you can keep near by for a reference or reminder checklist. Should you and your partner find that you’d like to expand and really learn more in-depth skills for treating specific conditions, we’d be happy to set up a series of classes to help you both.

The Body is a sacred garment, It’s your first and last garment,
It is what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor.
~Martha Graham

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